You and me have a better time than most can dream of.

Back in August I took a little trip up to Denver, Colorado with my second family. :) We got tattoos., I learned that I am apparently a miniature bar bowling prodigy, got to sit in beautiful Coors Field again and watch the Rockies win dramatically in the bottom of the 8th (I won't mention that we left in the 7th and watched them win dramatically on tv. doh!), saw a camera commit suicide into a cup of beer which could never be duplicated even if we tried, stayed at the lovely Curtis Hotel where they serve you fresh chocolate chip cookies when you check in (Denver has something going here. First Frontier Airlines and now this!) We also learned that I can go 31 hours without sleep and not be cranky (who knew) and that Mary Jane's pizza and cheesy bread at 2am is apparently the perfect hangover cure. Speaking of food, my life was changed forever when I had my first burger from the Cherry Cricket. Picture this: a burger with cream cheese, green chili, and bacon. CREAM CHEESE. No burger will ever compare. Not to mention, this was all topped off with the Mile High Music Festival; starting with Train and ending with a little band called Dave Matthews Band. I got to see my current song obsession live and see Dave along with literally 100,000+ people. Tripgood.

A few pictures :)

And we're doing it all over again in Maui. :))

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