Number thirteen - Get another tattoo. ✓

my best friend has cancer.
it's not new. 
i've known her for twelve years, and it's at the point now that she's had cancer for more years than she hasn't. 
we were seventeen.
didn't know a damn thing about cancer, CT scans, MRIs, oncologists, ORs, radiation, pathology reports.
but we learned fast.
we learned that cancer goes away.
but sometimes it comes back.
and when it does you have to find something to help you believe
it will go away again.
and then there was a man named Lance.
who started LiveSTRONG.
and on August 13th, 2010 we got those words
written on our wrists.
for Jessie.


Anonymous said...

I ADORE this! Now we are twinsies, too (kinda sorta!). What a great way to pay tribute to a friend...so beautiful. The script is really gorgeous, too, did you do it? And I must say, August 13th is one HELL of a date! A few of my great friend's birthdays, the date of an amazing citizen cope concert, the date a friend had a gorgeous baby, the date of YOUR tattoo, and the date of my wedding (next year). WOOHOO for that Friday the 13th!

Sarah Lasker said...

yes! she was the one who suggested it be up and down and I totally thought of yours and how much I love it!

yeah I wrote it :) I'm going to try and get a better , closer picture, it's hard with the left hand.

and SO many good things!!!

Danielle said...

I was WAITING for this post ever since you tweeted about getting a tattoo... I needed to know what it was, and I think that it is amazing. It's an amazing story and so great that you all got it together. And again, I must say that you have very pretty handwriting. I'm trying to find my Grandma's handwriting somewhere because I'd like to get a tattoo in her memory. :)

Livestrong, that's great. :)

Sarah Lasker said...

Thanks Danielle :) yeah, me and hers are in my handwriting, her brother got his down his complete forearm, and then her mom and stepdad got something a little different on their left wrists.

that would be amazing if you could find a letter or something of your grandmas. that is such a great idea!! love it. :)

Cori said...

Love this! Amazing friendship you two have, lucky to have one another and this is more than fitting! Here's to living strong and the cancer staying far, far away!