I have been up all night
watching Obama's acceptance speech
over and over
trying to write something eloquent myself
about an election
I have felt so passionately about.

I am so proud of my generation.
that we chose, not once, but twice
to elect a man who believes that 
people are more important than money.
every person.
a man who believes in tolerance,
equality, and open mindedness.
Someone who looks at his daughters 
and sees me. 
and you.
and wants exactly the same for us as he wants 
for them.
I truly believe that.

I'm proud of us for continuing to strive for
a new America.
Not an out of date one 
that shows where we've already been.
but, one on the right side of history. 

congratulations Mr. President.

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inkyblog said...

love this post xoxo