Baby charm.

You might find this post a little random, ...I do. But, I was just thinking tonight about how excited I am for my new baby cousin to get his little butt here in November. :) I cannot wait to kiss his little baby feet, smell his little baby head, and be in awe of all his baby charm. 

So, then I started thinking back to February of 2008, the 22nd to be exact, to one of my most favorite days of all time. The day Elle was born. Now, I have to first say that, for those of you who don't know, she was going to be the first baby in our family for EIGHTEEN YEARS. Do you know how long that is? Especially when more than half of the people in my family are girls? It's a long time. We were itching for the baby charm. So, as soon as Ryan and Tracy got married, the countdown was on. 

She was sassy from the start, decided she wanted to be breach, so ...lucky for us, we had an exact date and time she would be coming to join us. I feel really grateful still that I got to be there for it all. I was in nursing school and working then and it just so happened to be on a day I had neither. :) The world is funny that way. It really always does work out like it should.

So we waited and waited and then all of a sudden, there she was. Brand new. With her little scrunched up nose and jet black mohawked hair. She was the prettiest little thing I still have ever seen. Her brother has a tough act to follow. 

And now here we are two months away from doing it all over again. So excited. 


Kelliwithani said...

Ok! Thanks!
I have tears in my eyes!!
She IS in fact the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.. Homeboy is going to have his work cut out for him! But with the 2 most amazing parents, it's a win win! :)

Kathy said...

Sarah, you definitely have a way with words and a camera...love, love, your blog and especially 'sassy' Elle.. I know, I am Mimi, so I should love, love her...I, too cannot wait for Elle's baby brother to be born and to hold, cuddle and love him. I'm hoping for November 22 - love the 2-2's!
Love you much...Aloha :)