big sur. //

Last weekend my friend Lauren and I packed her Hyundai to the brim (with totally necessary things like harmonicas, lanterns, and eight cameras. yeah, eight.), sped across the desert to LA, picked up our number three, and rode that incredible highway 1 all the way to Big Sur.

I had spent four months reading about it, obsessively pinning pictures of it, watching videos about it, making packing lists and bucket lists for it, and let me tell you, that long and winding pinpoint of a town did not disappoint.

It has everything I love in a place:
crashing waves and deserted foggy beaches.
giant trees and mossy rocks.
rivers and creeks and waterfalls.
croaking frogs.
organic gardens.
wooden decks and outdoor patios.
two am hot springs.
long roads for good tunes
and spotting VW buses.
beanie weather.
hidden libraries
with books suspended from the ceiling.
barking elephant seals and chirping birds for alarm clocks.
and twenty different shades of blue and green.

quick pit stop in san luis obispo for some pink overload at the madonna inn, pictures at the bubblegum alley, and some delicious BBQ.

day two. foggy morning at morro bay:

highway 1 ----> big sur.

made it!

cribs: yurt edition. our camp at treebones:

one AMAZING view of mcway falls at pfieffer state park:

day three. big sur bakery + pfeiffer beach and baby seals.

driving through this:

to get to this:

blew my mind.

more pfeiffer beach:

oh. and this was also the point in the trip when THIS fun little surprise happened:

that asshole.

when I fully recovered, we packed up and made a quick stop at the Henry Miller Memorial Library. Much better than a tombstone I'd say.

day four. had to say goodbye, but not before:

I turned 28 in the most beautiful place I can imagine, with the ocean out the front door, surrounded by trees, and my favorite two traveling buddies who put candles in my waffles and sang happy birthday to me. :)

And until I have time to make my own, please enjoy Lauren's little Big Sur video staring my sweet ass dance moves and then GO TO BIG SUR AS SOON AS YOU CAN IM SERIOUS!


Danielle said...

The tick in your ass makes me not want to go. :)

Sarah Lasker said...


Lauren said...

love this.

sigh. voldemort.