Number Eleven - Wear a dress just for fun. ✓

When I sat down to write my "25 while 25" list, this was one thing I knew had to go on it. I'm going to be honest, and just let this be known, that I hadn't worn a dress (other than to the mandatory occasions; weddings, fancy cruise dinner nights,  and  yes, ...prom) since at least the age of ten. And really, knowing my ten year old self, probably longer than that. I was a big tomboy. Big. Huge. And although I am much girlier in many ways, wearing dresses was not one of them. 

And then I was going to a wedding(ish) ceremony in Hawaii and me and Jessie went shopping for dresses and now I am slightly in love. I still have to consciously stop myself from sitting cross-legged in them half the time, and always hear my mom in my head "Sarah! That isn't very lady-like!" Ah, the sounds of my childhood. :) 

My new favorite from AE:

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