Number sixteen - Watch a sunset on the beach. ✓

Well, I've decided to use the term "beach" loosely on this one. I was planning on getting to see numerous amazing Costa Rican beach sunsets, but Agatha had a different plan, one that included lots and lots of raindrops. Not sure if I'll make it to the beach again this year so ...lakes have beaches right? yes! I think they do. So here is number 16 off the list.

This was taken in Arenal on our very first day. Way to start out huh? We walked probably 2 miles down a road around Lake Arenal to find a restaurant that was featured in Lonely Planet that we wanted to check out. It was actually a pizza place, of all things, run by a man named John from California. We were the only ones there, as we would be in many of the places we visited we would find out, but the place was amazing. Where else, but in the jungle, does the owner of a restaurant serve you pizza he made himself and then pull up a chair, call his dog over, and chat with you while you eat. :) It was lovely. After we were finished we were given markers to find a place on the walls to join our names with thousands of others who wrote theirs before us. And to top it off, three words: homemade ice cream. I definitely left a piece of my heart there along with my name.

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