GREAT. WALL. OF. CHINA. // back to asia. // 30 before 30.

Sometimes you spend your nine hour layover trying to unsuccessfully sleep sitting up and end up starring annoyingly at crowds of stupid people who stand in line an hour before boarding for no reason or reading the same page in your book 25 times. And theeeeeeen there are times you pay a man named "Simon" fifty bucks to drive you, at five in the morning, to THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA.

You tempt chinese jail and climb over the gate without paying because it's not technically open yet (Simon said it was fine!) and spend an hour and a half walking on a wonder of the world completely alone like god damn royalty. Your feet are frozen because you forgot your socks and it is 28 degrees out, but you don't care because it's foggy and snowy and the sun is coming up and turing everything pink and this thing has been here longer than you can even fathom and who would have ever thought you'd see it.


Danielle said...

AMAZING!!! I didn't know you broke in, so to speak. Did you love it?

Sarah Lasker said...

I LOVED it. It was cold and snowy and foggy and just felt so Chinese? haha. I don't know, but it was just so dreamy. Especially since we were literally the only ones there for over an hour. :)