ways to survive a 13 hour flight.

I'm heading back to my very favorite place on this earth in a few days (ASIA MY LOVE), and with it comes the longest continuous flight I have taken yet in my short traveling career, 13 hours from LA to Beijing. I consider myself a pretty A+ traveler. I'm patient, I'm perfectly fine sitting still for long periods of time, disgusting plane smells have nothing on disgusting hospital smells, and I can sleep anywhere. Hour eight and on can get a little dicey for anyone though so, my fool-proof list of:

+earphones. put them in your head early, and leave them there. especially if you are alone. if you are not one to get enjoyment from making small talk and hearing the life story of your plane neighbor for hours (me me me) this will save you. they don't even need to be hooked up to anything. stick the end in your pocket and call it a day. a quiet peaceful day.

+turn yourself in a giant pillow. hoodies! sweatpants! scarves! anything made of fleece! definitely be barefoot 99% of the time (bathroom breaks excluded). long flights are almost always super polar vortexy, and them in-flight blankets aren't made for people over 5'2 and that's a fact.

+pack deodorant on your carry on. you will never not be happy you did this.

+depending on the type of trip you're going on, bring a laptop or an ipad pre-loaded and cholk-full of TV shows. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY EPISODES OF PARKS AND REC YOU CAN WATCH IN 13 HOURS?

+make up a scavenger hunt challenge with your friend. while perusing the aisles in an attempt to ward off deadly blood clots, take pictures of everything on the list and ultimately show your friend that no one beats you in a scavenger hunt challenge! no one.

+SNACKS. bring them and bring a lot of them because, you love snacks. eating is the best when you're bored. nothing smelly. don't be one of those people.

+download all your favorite comedians on all your favorite podcasts and laugh all the way to another continent.

+do not. do NOT read your lonely planet guide on the places you are going. you will get way too excited and the flight will never ever ever end.

+BUY AN EXTERNAL ELECTRONIC CHARGER. it is a lifesaver. it is 2014 and still somehow not 100% of planes have electricity outlets. your iphone will die at hour two, you won't have music or flappy bird, and you will be sad. (it is also super nice when you're out all day getting lost in new cities.)

+if you hit the air travel lottery and you're granted wifi, make up a fake brawl with a fake lady three rows back and become twitter famous.

+attempt to start a hey jude sing-a-long.

+come to think of it, just take what some might consider a little too much benadryl, and sleep the entire time. trust me. I'm a nurse.

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abbie said...

hahaha! love this!!