go to new york city. // thirty before thirty.

What can I say about New York City that hasn't already been said. Who doesn't love it? Everyone has been there. I had been there before. My dad was born and raised in Queens, and when I was a few months old my parents packed me up to show me off to my grandparents. We went again when I was three, and the last time when I was maybe ten.

I don't remember the first two trips, of course, except from photographs, but I do remember bits and pieces from the trip when I was ten. I remember seeing a tiny Statue of Liberty, and I remember driving downtown and looking up in awe at the giant Twin Towers. I don't remember much else, but I have desperately wanted to go back ever since. 

I'm going to sounds so lame but, I guess I felt drawn to it. 

I love movies set in Manhattan, shows filmed in Brooklyn. Almost every show I have ever loved was or is on NBC. I'm obsessed with SNL. If I never get to go to a show, just to see the stage would be amazing. To be inside 30 Rock where so many people that I love have worked. So many of the people I look up to birthed their careers there. Still live there. Still perform there. The history and the symbolism of people from everywhere in the world living together in one place. The walking, the public transportation, the parks (the park), the museums, and the bridges! If I have learned nothing else about myself in 2013, it is that I sure have a thing for bridges. It's just my kind of place.

AND TO GO DURING CHRISTMAS?? Number one top of my list. My friend Mike and I spent five days there and it was just everything I dreamed of.


  • walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • taking the NBC tour on Saturday and, not only getting to see the SNL stage (amazing), but while waiting for the rest of the group to get through security, saw John Goodman who was hosting that night. 
  • ice skating in Central Park with Christmas music playing, ...while it snowed
  • the tree. 
  • seeing ASSSSCAT at the UCB theatre. And Adam Pally performing!
  • that sunset top of the rock view.
  • the whispering arches at Grand Central. 
  • everything, everything, everything.

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