I just got back from a Christmassy New York City. It is going to take me a few more days to think of the right words to describe it. It was dreamy. A dream. It was beautiful and just exactly how I always imagined it and wanted it to be.

A day before the clouds and the snow (!!), we took an elevator up 70 floors to the top of 30 Rock. If you want to marvel at something incredible, go right before sunset. Watch the Empire State Building backlit by the sun and the sky turn pinks and yellows and reds. Listen to every single person gasp, "wow", as they walk out on the deck. And just as the sun slips down out of sight and the sky turns black, thousands of tiny window lights turn on at once, mirroring the stars.

It's unreal.

I don't usually come back from trips with very many shots of myself that aren't posed. I am always the one taking the pictures. My friend Mike took this one and it makes me so happy.

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Lauren said...

Oh you know. Just love this.