marfa. //

If you take a plane to El Paso (stay with me), rent a car and drive along the border with Mexico for a few hours, make one right turn and head south down a dusty deserted road, you will end up in Marfa, Texas, pop. 2,121.

Not much of a place at first glance, but oh would you be wrong if, after wandering the streets, it didn't convince you that it was an awesomely weird little town full of color, art, and design, tucked far into the desert.

I had never heard of Marfa until late last year when my friend Lauren came back and completely raved about it (her posts about it here, here, and here.) After very little begging, she agreed to play tour guide and showed Erin and I every little nook of a town that I have officially fallen hard for.

After all, the key to this girl's heart is electronic wonders and late night grilled cheese sandwiches, giant starry skies and puffy white clouds, hammock forests and teepee carvings, dream catchers and especially signals from mystery alien life forms.


Danielle said...

This place looks okay. And that picture you took of Erin on the open road should be entered into a contest. Just saying.

Lauren said...