My Aunt Kitty was an incredible lady. I plan on writing more about her soon, but until then I will tell you this. I didn't know her well, but of everyone in my entire family, I think I am most like her. She had bad ass jobs, went on amazing adventures, and loved photography. Back in the 70's she shot film on a Canon A-1 SLR, and a few years ago it got it passed down to me.

It had been sitting in my closet since then. I had tried film before, and failed. Blank roll after blank roll. I gave up.

My trip to Big Sur, CA was coming up and I decided to give it another try with that A-1 and some Ektar film I had laying around.

So glad that I did. I am freaking out with excitement.

Most of these are similar to my digital shots, I was afraid they wouldn't turn out, and I obviously need some practice getting my exposures right, but I am so happy with them. I spend hours editing digital pictures to get processing like this, and these? All straight out of the camera.

Using up what was left on the roll around my neighborhood:


Lauren said...

these came out so good! love.

capturethefeeling said...

Woooow these are amazing!

And after looking at 2-3 of them I had the exact same impression, they look just like your edited digital photos! They're magical! :)

abbie said...

awesome! I've been itching to try film!!