today was a big day for us.
today you turned 
a whole month old.
i came to your house
to see you 
and while i was holding you
you smiled at me!
for the very first time
you looked straight at me
and smiled
when I talked to you.
we are totally
best friends already.

you are not the same
tiny boy you were just 
30 days ago.
your legs look slightly less 
like a chicken's,
your belly button is all healed up
and is now in the process of deciding
if it wants to be an innie
or an outie,
and a lot of your hair
has mysteriously fallen out.

i'm sorry I said that your head
looks like a cul-de-sac,
and that I occasionally 
call you p diddy.
today, you pooped on me
which I can only assume
was in revenge, so
i think we're even buddy. 

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Abbie Kressner said...

Awesome perspective from the camera!