So many of my memories growing up involve three people I've never even met.

In November of 2000 
I saw my very first Chicks show. 
That was ten years ago people. 
I don't even remember 
what I was like then, 
but I do remember that
on that night
they sang Cold Day In July, 
Emily played her dobro solo, 
that was it for me. 

I will never love another band 
as much as I love them. 
To this day, 
whenever I hear any one of their songs, 
I am instantly happy
and am taken back for a small time 
to being 15. 
Fifteen and staring up at them
in awe
for two hours
thinking that they were the coolest 
most talented girls 
in the entire world. 
And if they could do that,
then I could do anything. 

And then 2003 happened.
And they showed me
and the world
that they were still the coolest
and the most talented
but also
that they were total badasses
with backbones
and not just pretty faces
who stood up for what
they believed in
even when it wasn't cool
to do so.
And I loved them more
and I loved them differently.

Someday I will meet them
and I will hug them
and I will simply say
thank you.

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inkyblog said...

i love them too... if you meet them give them an extra long hug so it includes a hug from me xoxox