Number seven - see the White House. ✓

The fact that I'm sitting here writing about seeing the White House this year is just crazy to me. Of all the things on my list, this was the one I really didn't think would actually happen. I just kind of threw up it up there because, Washington DC is a place I've wanted to see for a long time and I thought, if I am going to make a serious list of things I want to accomplish, that should definitely be included. I knew it was a long shot and I wasn't going to be that disappointed if I was to have to bump it to next year, or the year after that. 

I hoped it could happen though.

I secretly have a love for all things history related. I know I could sit and read through an American history or world history text book for hours and thoroughly enjoy myself. Have I ever mentioned I'm a little bit of a geek girl? Because I am. :) I am happy that I was able to go when Barack Obama was president. Not solely because I love him, but just the whole history aspect of him being the first black president. I just love things like that. Being a part of it in a tiny, little, miniscule way.

The reason I put "see the White House" instead of "go to Washington DC" is because, I think, it's such a staple of America and when you think of DC you think of the White House. That's at least what always comes into my mind. Of course you have the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Mnument, and the Vietnam and WWII memorials, and those were all very very cool to see, but there's just something so iconic about seeing the White House in person. :)

Shout out to the east coast for holding out on that cold and wind business for one more day for us :)

And although I was so excited to be there and it was all incredible to see, I would take it all back in a second, of course, if I could erase the reason we were able to go to DC in the first place. 


inkyblog said...

beautiful, i really love washington dc and you photographed it beautifully. all that walking is exhausting, right? you can take a tour inside if you write ahead of time (i took my kids, they climbed on the furniture and ran their hands along on the silk walls and each time i told them not to touch, the staff just smiled and said "it's ok, it's their house too" :)

Sarah Lasker said...

Oh, I must do this next time!! :)