Phoenix > Milwaukee

The midwest accent is already in full swing and I'm only still sitting on the runway in Phoenix. I wonder if my brother has developed this accent. I hope not. If he lets one "beg" slip out, it's fair game to make fun of him for at least two hours. 

But anyway.

I'm so excited to see him. He's been gone since the end of March. Five months?! He's probably gained 10lbs of muscle, grown 3 inches and a beard, and I'll hardly be able to recognize him. Or not, but he does have a mohawk now. Screw steroids, apparently spiky haircuts and a half shaved head makes you pitch better these days. Maybe somebody should pass this note on to the dbacks? 

"Are you ready for farm country?!" Yes mom, yes I am. But first, I have 2 hours and 50 minutes to kill. I couldn't have been more excited when I flipped to Bravo on my mini personal tv and an episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-list was on. This was going to be the BEST FLIGHT EVER. Frontier. First you upgrade me to first class (or really just the front row. I'm pretending.) And now this?! Maggie was just about to tip it and BAM, "Please pay $6.00 to continue watching." Really? How dare you Frontier. Just give me my Kathy and I promise I won't ask for anything else. You don't even have to serve me 1/4th of a pepsi! 

So, now I resulting to counting the clouds, listening to Train's, "If It's Love" on repeat, and drooling over my neighbor's Mac that is double the size of mine. 

I hope I don't have to pee soon. 

Do you know that in Wisconsin they have a cheese museum? A museum of cheeses. If I like anything more than cheese, it's more cheese. I must go. I hope they have samples.

Passing the time with you in mind.


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