My parents are napping, so naturally I am blogging.

I finally got to hug my brother :) :)

But first, I got to see him pitch an awesome game and get his 7th win of the season. He works so hard and he's living his dream. How many people can actually say that?

I'm so proud of him.
Kids want his autograph and people I don't know have our last name on the back of their shirts. crazy.
Speaking of crazy, please meet my brother's stalker errr... #1 fan.
To sum up day 1 & 2: BROTHER! yay. happy. free tickets. baseball. score. cheer. win. cheese curds. dollar beer. miller lite. holy humidity. hot dogs. dad sitting in the handicapped section.

And of course, me and mom entertaining ourselves taking pictures.
Tomorrow goals: margaritas, picture with my brother in his uni before the game, and of course a picture with this guy:

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