My happy place.

If I had to choose what my very favorite thing to photograph is, it would be concerts. Absolutely. This probably stems from the fact that there are few things I love more than live music. I will, and have on many occasions, pay ridiculous amounts of money to see shows in the magic seats. It is totally worth it to me. Especially if it's somebody I really love as an artist or a songwriter. There is just something magical about being close enough to not miss a single detail. The entire show completely surrounds you. 

Let me tell you why I love photographing them so much though. Okay, so you have somebody who is doing what they love to do most in the entire world and they're in front of thousands of people who are all singing their songs back to them, who love them, who have maybe paid ridiculous amounts of money to see them (re: me) and every expression and every moment is just so real. That's what I love so much about photography, when a picture tells a real story and has real emotion behind it. That's hard to capture with people sometimes. They freeze up in front of a camera and you don't get those real in-between moments. But with concerts, that's all you get. My favorite part is right after a song is over and the crowd is clapping and screaming and you look up at their faces and I swear you can see their thought process, which I like to think goes something like, "I love this so damn much, I'm so happy, I'm so happy, this is amazing, I'm so happy." :) Or maybe that's mine?

Not to mention the sets and the lights and the colors and the atmosphere make for freaking awesome pictures. So here are some I've taken that I love. The first one is my favorite concert shot I've ever taken. I adore it for many reasons, one being that this was them singing Baby Girl, my dad's favorite, and him and I were 4 rows back singing every word. <3 

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