Doncha know eh?

I'm home from Wisconsin. Or should I say Wis-caaawn-sin.

I've been watching videos on YouTube of people with midwest accents for the last hour because I strangely miss them. Or maybe I miss laughing at them. I LITERALLY heard somebody say, "doncha know eh?" I mean, that's comedy gold right there.

Days 3, 4, and 5 were filled with:

  • driving around downtown Appleton drooling at every. single. house. They are old, made out of wood, painted pretty colors, all have front porches and window shutters. Me and mom were in heaven. I think I said, "PHOENIX SUCKS!" at least 23 times. Although, I'm sure I'd feel slightly different come winter. I don't do well in the cold. At all.
  • finding numerous seriously old cemeteries and finally convincing dad to stop so that me and mom could walk around and check out the headstones. Oldest one I found was from 1806. Anybody else like doing this? 
  • driving to Green Bay and past Lanbeau field. Not because we really cared, but just to say we did. I have a feeling they might like football there?!? Anyone know anything about this?
  • Wine tasting at a winery owned by a guy who makes wine and ...carves giant cheese sculptures. You guys think I'm kidding:                                                              
But actually, the wine was great (we bought three bottles) and he was very nice. He's even been on David Letterman!

  • Found the perfect little cute town: Port Washington. It's right on Lake Michigan (I'm still convinced that thing should actually be considered an ocean, it's that big.) smells like a beach town, all the buildings are old and delicious, trees and green everywhere. Have I mentioned Phoenix sucks?
  • Went to a cheese store where I ate fudge made out of cheddar cheese. AND IT WAS GOOD! And of naturally had to take a cheese-head picture. Mom even found a cheese sombrero! Right up our alley!
  • Four days at the ballpark and I think I ate everything at the snack bar. Including a giant blue pixie stick. Sometimes I'm still 5 years old.

:) Next year: FLORIDA!!

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