Have you ever wanted to look at a map, point to a place, and go that very same day? DO IT, IT IS AWESOME. Last Friday my sister and I thought we were going to Ireland.  Instead, we had stand-by tickets and an overbooked flight to Dublin. We were already packed with a few days off work so, after throwing around a few cities with nothing sounding too exciting, my sister mentioned Anchorage and my response? "YES!!!!!"

We had absolutely no idea what we were going to do when we got there, but ended up having the best time. DID YOU GUYS KNOW ALASKA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD?! There have been books, movies, and stories (Into The Wild style) about people up and deciding to go to Alaska, not knowing why they are drawn to it, just having the need to be there. I get it. 

Here are way too many pictures of a couple of Lasker girls freaking out about seeing their first real fall and conquering a 20,000 year old glacier wearing only tennis shoes:


Lauren said...

just stop. these are so good. and making me so jealous.

Wy said...

We drove there from Fl. in 64
It is the most beautiful. No Doubt
Wonderful pics!