I remember everything
about the day you were born.
the way your mom's voice sounded
on the other end of the phone.
you were coming!!
we were all new at this.

the way I shot up and paced around my house.
oh, how I paced.
back and forth for an hour.
my heart trying to escape from my chest
in excitement
and with nerves
but most of all with happiness.
all together, all at once.

how I jumped in my car
and sped (don't speed) down empty streets
to the hospital because
you really were coming.
I remember the song that
played through my speakers.
Just One.
the last song I heard
before we met.
it will always make me think
of you.

I remember the beep beep beep
of your heart
and how your moms and I sat in a dark corner room
on the third floor
in the middle of the night
urged by the nurses to rest.
but, how could we sleep?!
didn't they know

and less than 24 hours later
I stepped into that very same dark room
again, my heart racing.
I stood next to your mom,
and she handed you to me.
I remember how tightly you were wrapped,
the blue and pink stripes of your hat,
how you held your eyes open so wide,
and how quickly mine filled with tears because
there you were.
and I remember how
at that moment
there was not a room anywhere,
in any place
filled with anyone who was happier than us.

one day you will be big enough
to know all about the world.
you will learn
that on the very same month you were born
the world's population reached
seven billion people.
of all the little boys in the entire world,
how did we get the very best one?

happy first birthday nugget.

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