All serious hobbies Jessie should consider:

make friendship bracelets.
make candles.
make dream catchers (I really want some.)
shop at thrift stores.
watch all four seasons of parks & rec so we can discuss every detail.*
start a book club with me.
make your own ice cream.
churn your own butter.
help me make this on wood boards for my new living room.
take a picture of pax in a different setting every day.
start a journal.
start a blog.
invent new hairstyles.
cross stitch me something I can frame.
hand write letters.
make your own wine.
teach me how to do that.
redecorate a small corner of your house.
prank call random numbers.
make cupcakes.
make noodle necklaces.
make onsies for pax.
go to the farmer's market on saturdays.
try all the coffee shops in phoenix.
find out every possible thing you can about a favorite celebrity online.
tell me if this is fun because I have never done it.
jump rope.
hula hoop.
make soap.
make a list of all the movies you want to see but never have.
watch those.
learn to beatbox.
research your family history on ancestry.com.
ride a bike.
ride a unicycle.
learn to rap.
write jokes.
write a movie.


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