Things I said during my meet & greet with Sugarland.

Last night I got to meet one of my lady heros, and it went a little something like this:

I have to nervous pee.
Do you think anyone is ever really excited to meet Kristian?
I hope nobody heard me say that.
DAMN IT! I almost wore my white jeans, we could have been twins!
I wish people would cheer whenever I walked into a room.
Ahh, look how cute they are.
Should I make her hug me? I should make her hug me right? I'm gonna make her hug me.
Am I nerding out as much on the outside as I am on the inside?
I need some alcohol.
I want to congratulate her on her hot husband.
If I asked her if she wanted to be friends, what do you think she would say?
Holyshitballs this is happening.
I have to nervous pee again.
It's going to feel real strange to look someone in the eye that you've spent hours stalking on the internet.
She is touching me, she is touching me.
Be cool.
Arm around the waist, that's totally how real friends pose!
Oh hi Kristian, you're here too.
Don't blink.
Ah, shit guys I think I blinked!
Of course I would blink.
Goodbye, I love you!
Jennifer and I are totally best friends now and I dare you to prove otherwise in a court of law.

haha but really, they were sweet and lovely and it was amazing to meet them, even if it was only for five seconds. :)