you're here.
you made it.
we have been waiting
for you.
welcome to the world.
it's a pretty great place,
you'll see,
but instantly better
with you in it.

three short days
and you've
changed everything.
you have been the cause
of so many smiles
i've known your parents
for a long
long time,
and have never
seen either of them as happy
as the night
you were born.

you should see your mom
when she looks at you.
she lays down right next you,
nose to nose.
kisses you over and over.
she has wanted you
for so long.
dreamed of you.
i don't think she can
believe it still.
you are hers.

for months
we all made bets.
what you would look like.
how much you would weigh.
if you would come out with
blonde curls
straight dark strands
or have any hair
at all.
we sat in the waiting room
that night
our feet nervously tapping
minutes circling around
the old plastic clock on the wall
from just down the hallway,
your mom finally sent me
your very first picture and
all at once
we gasped,
"what a beautiful boy we have!"

im the one with the camera.
your moms call me
aunt sarah
and every time they do
my heart skips a beat.
i hope
you will call me the same.
i was so excited to meet you
and now
just as excited
to watch you grow up.

we are going to have
so much fun
me and you.
i love you,
little nugget.
is the start
of your story.

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