27 things I want to do while I'm 27.

It's that time again. Holy shit, I'm 27. Decided to make this year's birthday list a mixture of new things, along with things I didn't cross off from previous years (I'm not perfect, alright?)  :)

1. go to the Phoenix Art Museum.
2. eat dinner outside all summer.
3. stick a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle.
4. get Jessie on Twitter.
5. go fishing.
6. ice skate.
7. go to a psychic.
8. learn to surf.
9. get another stamp in my passport.
10. ride in a hot air balloon.
11. anonymously buy coffee for the person behind me.
12. attend a music festival.
13. read 27 books.
14. ride the light rail.
15. move.
16. high-five a member of a band I see live.
17. write more. always write more.
18. give Paxton one thousand kisses.
19. NYC during Christmas-time.
20. spend an entire day in the woods.
21. try all the restaurants that are members of Devour Phoenix.
22. send a message in a bottle.
23. tattoo #3.
24. get a kiss on New Year's Eve.
25. get a picture in a magazine.
26. go to Lowell Observatory at night.
27. buy an electric guitar.

Check out things I did during 25 here and 26 here.


Lauren said...

Awesome! I have a membership to Phx Art Museum. So I can help you take care of number one. Any time. For free. :)

Danielle said...

The fact that you've never ridden on the light rail is a shock! It's so much fun! haha :) The Seattle gum wall sounds all kinds of awesome. And FYI, there are 23482396 festivals here in TN... and I'm going to hopefully go to Memphis in May. You should check out the bands... GRACE will be there. (Beale St. Music Festival)

Sarah Lasker said...

As soon as I get a job, I'm going to be mad planning trips. Really want to come back to TN, maybe me, you, and Julie can plan something again :)