My feelings about the time I spent in Peru can be summed up in this one picture. This one moment. Less than half a second captured at six am one Thursday morning. I had just trekked for four days, 20 miles, & countless hours. I was tired. And dirty. My legs and my lungs were burning. But, as I looked up after slowly climbing down a steep decline, I saw this, and that all disappeared. Gone. The four days, 20 miles, and countless hours were instantly worth it. I stood behind a girl, Aude from Luxembourg. She stayed still for a moment, and I took this picture. I never wanted to forget it. She moved aside then and I stepped in her place. I became the girl marveling through the mist at something peaceful and majestic. Sacred. That is what Machu Picchu is. You can feel the souls of the people that once lived there. You can feel them. So you stare and you're inspired. You wonder how you ever went your whole live without standing on this ledge.

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