Someone Like You.

Live music is one of the great true loves of my life. I know that sounds cliche or maybe a bit corny but, it's the truth. I've seen a lot of songs be sung, a lot of guitars strummed, and have dragged a lot of people to shows they probably didn't want to be at. Each one is amazing at the time, but most of the details slowly start to fade, just as most things in life do. Set lists blend together, special effects are forgotten. There are a few moments though that, no matter how many years go by, you remember them exactly as they were. This happens to me when I remember The Chicks singing Cold Day In July and it snowing inside America West Arena, Martina McBride singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow at Celebrity Theatre and it making me cry, being inside the stage at the Top Of The World Tour and hearing, "They said you wouldn't come, ...but we knew you'd come.", singing into a mic at the same time Grace Potter was singing into a mic right next to me, Sigh No More live, and this:

I saw Adele in Las Vegas last weekend and of all her songs, this was the one I was waiting for. I don't know if it's that piano, or that every single word is arranged perfectly, or how when she sings it, she always seems to be just a second away from crying. And sometimes does. Because when she sings this song, she means it. Every song, but I think this one especially. She is singing her life to the entire world. Brave is what that is. It was the perfect concert moment.

When she let us sing the last two choruses, I was singing and literally, every single person in the theatre was singing, I stopped for a second, looked around, and thought to myself that I have never, in all the shows I've been to, heard a crowd singing so loudly before. I haven't. I hope it made her happy.

Somebody closer and with a much better camera got her face while she let us sing & her mouthing the words back. :)))

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abbie said...

Wow! Amazing! I hope to see her in concert one day!