Do you know that tv station called Palladia?
Does everybody have that?
It's basically 24 glorious hours of concerts and music videos.
You know.
...what MTV used to be.
I love this station.
(channel 718 for my HD Phoenix peeps :)
Sometimes I just leave it on for hours.
Entire concerts shot in HD.
It's almost like you're really there.
In the first row.

I've been to a lot of live shows.
Small venues & huge arenas.
Concerts with 1,000 people
and concerts with 25,000 people.
I've seen every kind of stage set-up
special effect
and lighting trick.

I was watching Palladia last night
and a show that Coldplay performed in Japan came on.
You guys.
I wasn't even there and it was
the most visually amazing show that I've ever seen.
I think I just repeated "wooooah" in my head for an hour.

See for yourself:

RIGHT?!?! amazing. I love them. They are on my all-time list of bands to see.

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Aliss said...

I am going to their concert in June, at the Heineken Opener Festival 2011, I hope that it will be amazing! :)