Why we should all be a little more like Amy Poehler. //

To the very best lady of all. On her birthday. 

She created, along with two of her real-life friends, a youtube channel called Smart Girls At The Party, that celebrates and encourages young girls to "change the world by being yourself." On why she wanted to take on such a project, "I like that age, where you’re not quite into boys yet and really think you can be an astronaut, a teacher, a doctor and a roller skater. That girl and I live in the same world." It urges girls to express themselves in ways that tap into their ambitions and intellect rather than their appearance. And at the end of each episode? A DANCE PARTYY!! My favorite: Ruby, the tiniest feminist. Be still my heart. 

The best part? Included in the channel is an intimate webcam video series called, "Ask Amy" where she talks bare-faced through her computer, answering questions, and giving touching advice to young girls from her home. 

Yes, these are meant for girls who are at least ten years younger than I am. Yes, I am still in love with them and can relate (and sometimes cry). MOOOVING ON.

She wrote(!!) and performed this rap on Weekend Update. In front of Palin. Nine months pregnant. One of the best moments ever on SNL.

Chris Pratt, her costar on Parks & Recreation, had this to say about working with her.

She is very involved with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, has helped to raise money for them numerous times, and just this year over New Years, she volunteered with them in Haiti.

She was one of the founding members (at 26) of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, which has become one of the leading improv and sketch training centers in the entire United States. It's turned out an enormous percentage of people performing or writing comedy on TV today. She still sometimes performs in ASSSSCAT, the improv show she originally starred in, on Sunday nights when she is in New York. (I MUST GO.)

Her wonderfully sarcastic and refreshing answer on how she got boys to notice her when she was young.

She thought up and organized this hilarious bit during the 2011 Emmy Awards:

and again during her category at the 2012 Emmys:

...proving that she doesn't have to win an award to own an award show (and at life, let's be honest).

INTERVIEWER: Give me one of your purely satisfying mean moments. 
TINA FEY: The first thing that comes to mind is a more recent one, when Amy Poehler and I were in the airport last week in Toronto and we were getting hassled by this middle-aged businessman who was doing that thing that middle-aged businessmen do, being rude. And then Amy, in the middle of the airport, screamed, “Fuck you, you fuckin’ dick, you fuckin’ rich asshole.” And it was so satisfying—it was immediate release. She would probably be mortified that I told you. 

and this:
Vanessa Bayer:  
Yeah, I was so emotional. I started tearing up. It was so surreal. I actually stayed on stage because I wanted to hug Amy Poehler. She was the host that week, and I wanted to thank her because she was such a wonderful person to work with. So I gave her a hug, and I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I said something like, ‘It was amazing to do my first show with you,’ and she held my hand and walked offstage with me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. She was so kind and generous.
She created Kaitlin, an extremely hyperactive and hilarious preteen girl which is, in my opinion, one of the funniest, most impressive, and my very favorite SNL character.

She lends her name and support to women's reproductive rights, the CA domestic worker's bill of rights, and to ending gun violence.

Her advice to the 2011 graduating class of Harvard:

And who she thanks in her toast at the 2011 Time 100 Gala:

I will end this excessive love splurge with some more rapping because, inside tiny Amy Poehler there is an even smaller black woman, and the whole world should know it.

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