I apologize for not writing to you
for quite some time.
I guess I have been too busy
smooching on your cheeks,
playing with the little curls
on the back of your neck,
and threatening to eat your toes.
In my defense,
they are extremely cute toes.
And it makes you laugh so
it is impossible to stop myself.

It is no wonder because,
you have the very best laugh.
You do.
First, those dimpled cheeks we love to smooch 
raise up in a smile,
squinting your eyes,
and then you throw your head back and
let out the deepest little
buddha belly squeal.
Your moms swear that you have your moments
of complete and utter meltdown but,
I rarely see it. 
You are a happy boy.
The happiest.
You smile at everyone and I hope
you never stop. 
Smiling at strangers.

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