Free hugs.

Eight months ago I wrote a letter to a little boy.
Not even knowing who he was yet.
Now he has a name.
And soon,
really soon,
a birthday.
Yesterday I took pictures of his parents.
My friends.
My very best friend.
Pictures to look at when we want to remember,
our best boy,
when he was just a bump.


Julie is said...

So freakin' cute I could die.

Danielle said...

I don't know if you know how I feel about pregnant people in the sense that if I'm around them I'm kind of creeped out (ha), but photos of them are GREAT! I love the love I see in their faces. And I never saw that letter/poem, and that is also very beautiful.

Sarah Lasker said...

Hugs AND pregnant girls?! are you made from stone!? haha :)

thank you!

capturethefeeling said...

awww so adorable! so full of love and positive energy!