Two minutes, twenty-four seconds, and seventy-two reasons why 2011 was amazing:

twenty one rides through the sky.
buddha statues.
family band practices.
successful clinical trials 
and tumor resections.
fist bumps with amos lee.
grace, scotty, matt, benny, & cat.
cafe du monde.
falling in love with asia.
railroad revival tour.
happy water.
with sister.
and one amazing somebody like you crowd sing-a-long.
bullshitting with julie.
in person.
sin jow.
man angels.
a girls day with elle.
new orleans.
ferry rides.
alabama barbeque. 
red rocks.
late night sbarro entertainment.
5d mark ii.
girls graduating.
matt nathanson's hips.
jumping off junk boats.
in vietnam.
vietnam. vietnam. vietnam.
chatting with little big town.
and david wright.
drive-thru snow cone stands.
brass bands.
homeboy turning one.
first row concerts.
sunrises in halong bay.
music soul mates.
prayer flags.
the grand canyon.
and starting an annual cousin trip
i hope. :)
wine in plastic cups in the middle of thunderstorms.
new friends from italy and germany.
giant blue starfish.
first time subway rides.
12 hours in south korea.
dragon fruit.
the outsiders.
tweeting natalie maines.
...and her tweeting me back.
asiana airline slippers.
sage francis' the best of times.
snowflakes at goldwater lake.
the paper kites.
and aunt kitty's 35mm.
free tv show tapings.
thrift store travel diaries.
wedding videos.
cable cars
vegas road trips.
another one for the books.


Coccinella said...

I love your blog. Wanna know why? Because there's no pesimism here. Everytime I check if there's a new post here, I find something which makes me smile. I could say it's nothing special, music, travels, photos. Things everyone posts. But there's something nice about that, you can show all of this as the coolest things ever. You just enjoy your life and I like optimistic happy people. And I can finally say it, woo hoo! :)

I'm a huge fan of your videos, especially those about your amazing year. But I have to say they're much better with the music. They have more magic then :)

Best wishes.

Danielle said...

I made the video!! :)

I loved it, too. Here's to an even better 2012.

Sarah Lasker said...

of course :)

yes. 2012 will be our bitch.