Number sixteen - spontaneous road trip to CA. ✓

You know what I've always wanted to do? Get up really early in the morning, make a playlist, pack a backpack, gas up the car, and drive straight to California. Sit on the beach for five hours, read a book, bury my toes, kick some salt water around, walk barefoot up and down a pier. Skip barefoot up and down a pier. Yeah, I know it's lame and people's heads will turn, but whatever. I'll skip anyway. Eat tacos, brush sand off my knees, listen to seagulls, listen to crashing waves, put earphones in my ears and listen to that playlist. Turn it up loud. Lay on a blanket and close my eyes. Put the world away for a minute. Breathe. Realize I need to live close enough to an ocean so that I can do this often. I already know this. Get back in the car, back on the road, back to life. Drive home. Make plans.

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