The one where I go to Nashville... ✓

Important things I learned:
1. The difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. Who knew.
2. There are multiple winter seasons determined by plants?! One called, Dogwood Winter, which left Nashville a whopping 45 degrees on Saturday.
3. If you call your mama a bitch in the south, you will get a punch thrown at you. Even from someone who doesn't even know your mama.
4. The barbeque is GOOD.
5. I apparently drink Southern Comfort...
6. ...and am very bad at focusing a camera afterwards.
7. Famous country singers welcome you to the airport every 10 minutes.
8. Southern accents make me extremely happy. And sometimes they make me laugh.
9. Sbarros pizza provides amazing free nightly entertainment.
10. Bridgestone Arena is massive. It's really dark at 3am. And the roof leaks when it rains.
11. The diner where Sugarland filmed their Baby Girl video has really good grilled cheese and they don't even kick you out when you play Baby Girl on the juke box and sing it really loudly. 
12. Julie will steal things for me if I ask her to.
13. Dolly Parton is about as good of a driver as I am.
14. One word. Grimeys.
15. The Chicks have nothing in the Country Music Hall of Fame, but Taylor Swift does. This makes me want to drown myself.
16.  I. want. to. live. there.
17. Finally hanging out with long time friends, is awesome :)

Oh, and I took some pictures:
getting psyched.
the motherland.
BBQ!! I was obsessed.
I want to get married in Grimeys. Or really, just live there. Right under this poster.
Just hanging out with Julie and Danielle in Nashville. No big deal. This happens all the time.
sorry I made you lug around my redbull all night while I made out with my straw. hahaha.

ass chins.
That SoCo that I apparently drink now... 
what else do you do with a random veil you find on the floor?! 
see what I mean about the focusing? 
...and then The Stage closed, ...so we went to eat at the diner Sugarland shot their Baby Girl video because, why wouldn't you? 

"it's my birthday! will you give me a kiss?"  "how old are you?!" "22!" "Oh GOD you're a baby! ....but, alright." 
....and then the whole reason we went happened and it blew my mind for an hour and a half of course:
get it girl.
love them.

....and then I died a little.
i want him to be the father of my children.
...and then the concert was over, and I was sad. ...and then I had to come home, and I was sadder.

(Sugarland picture quality is crap, but people like to steal my photos and they can suck it.)


Danielle said...

YES YES YES!!! Okay I really love the 'blurry' picture of us at the Stage! I think it's great! And our "Baby Girl" recreation... and I had NO idea you kissed a dude on the cheek! Maybe when I was in the bathroom? Hahaha! Come back and visit any time!

Sarah Lasker said...

haha, yeah, it's cute even though it's totally blurry. I'll send it to you if you can't take it off here?

hahaha, I think you were in the bathroom actually! It was right when we were leaving.

Seriously, I'll need to come back ASAP! :)