Not all who wander are lost.

So, it's official! The big, out-of-the-country, backpacking trip in 2011 is going to be: VIETNAM. I am beyond excited about it. That pretty little green country is going to be my home for two weeks at the beginning of September. :)

A lot of people that I've told have given me a weird look and said, "Vietnam?!? ....why? Are you crazy?" and a couple of things come to mind. Number one: the Vietnam War has been over for 45 years. Number two: to quote something great I just heard, "I'd much prefer to always have amazing things happen to me rather than mundane realistic bullshit." And number three: just take a LOOK at this place:

Into the Mekong (Canon 7D) from Kent Truog on Vimeo.

Don't have much planned yet as far as route and what we are going to do (besides Halong Bay. That is a must), but I'll of course update here with everything leading up to the trip. :))

All I can guarantee is that I WILL be bringing a conical hat home. 


Elise Lotz said...

I am so excited to read along as you travel. This will be an incredible experience. I have only been out of the country once, to Jamaica when I was 16, and I envy your ability to travel the way you do. I know you, more than most people, will appreciate the beautiful nature of this country, without fancy resorts and a wait staff.

abbie said...

Wow! Very cool!! I'm excited to read about your experience, and maybe one day I'll make it there too. =)

I have been following you on flickr for awhile now (I fell in love with Grady a few years back!). I was MIA from the flickr scene for awhile, but have renewed my dedication to photography. I look forward to seeing some more of those amazing photos of yours!