90 reasons, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds why 2010 was amazing.

14 rides through the sky.
Raising Hope.
The Dog Days Are Over.
Sugarland in row 4.
With dad.
Mumford & Sons.
Sugarland covering Mumford & Sons 
Crystal Bowersox's voice.
Lava flows.
Real ones and ones you drink with a straw.
Pizza John.
Little Miss.
Grady, Elle, and the RN behind my name turning 2.
Hurricane Agatha's raindrops.
And meeting new friends because of them.
Anderson Ave.
Gallo pinto.
Shine The Light.
25 things.
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.
A week vacation with mom and dad,
to watch brother throw a baseball
And get a win :) 
If It's Love.
Seeing Train perform If It's Love  
at the very moment of being obsessed with it.
Five dollar white plastic sunnies that I love.
Finding my own personal music drug dealer.
Hawaiian sunsets.
Homeboy in the world. 
Joe Purdy.
Forest Sun.
Becoming an iPhone owner.
& Vinyl.
Crossing two things off my ultimate bucket list:
   Luau in Hawaii
   Seeing the White House.
Pictures with Sister & Shane.
Kings Of Leon with my lovely cousins
in the rain.
The Features.
Passion Pit.
Long hair.
Hippie music festivals.
Plane shadows.
Words with friends.
High-fiving breast cancer survivors.
And dancing with some too.
Amos Lee.
Beach cruiser.
A heart that beats,
an Incredible Machine.
Cokes in bottles.
Direct message from @sugarlandmusic.
Good talks.
The Be Good Tanyas.
Court Yard Hounds.
Living with Brother for 7 months.
The Pacific Ocean.
Dave Matthews.
Eat. Pray Love.
The Art Of Racing In The Rain
Livestrong x5.
Pineapple water.
Seriously adding to my traveling magnet collection.
Elephant Revival
Cancer free Maui
and tumor ...shrinkage.
Will Hoge.
Leila Broussard.
Playing with wild Costa Rican monkeys.
Vintage Jennifer Nettles live cds.
Discovering Fresh & Easy.
And 20 chai tea bags for two dollars.
Hearing somebody legitimately say "Dontcha know, eh?"
No, really.
Having Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, AND NYE off. 
Crab photoshoots.
Penn station.
Traveling by plane, train, bus, car, van, cable, boat, taxi, and by foot.
The Avett Brothers.
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.
Cheese curds.
Happy news.

2010, you were delicious. from Sarah Lasker on Vimeo.

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