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COSMOS. along with everyone else. and rightfully so. it's about space and space is the fucking coolest thing there is. I also watch THIS and THIS nearly everyday.

and yep, I will be seeing this: INTERSTELLAR.

one last thing from this neil degrasse tyson fangirl, THIS talk with him and richard dawkins about the poetry of science. if you don't have an hour to watch, skip to 21:26 when they talk about alien life. mind blown.

ROADTRIPPERS.COM. you type in your starting and ending points. it will map out your route, give you the approximate cost in gas, and will show you everything you should see, do, eat, and cool places to sleep along the way. i'm planning on using it to possibly plan a trip to: ARCHES NATIONAL PARK in moab, utah sometime this year.

I'm 29 years old with no kids and this is my favorite website right now: thekidsshouldseethis.

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT PODCASTS? YOU MADE IT WEIRD [with Pete Holmes]:  part comedy podcast, part Pete having awesomely real conversations about life, comedy, relationships, and religion with his equally funny pals. new ones come out on wednesdays. some of my favorite episodes are: jessica st. clair, jason mantzoukas, adam pally, chelsea peretti, mike birbiglia, "science mike" mchargue, brian greene, paul scheer, chris gethard, jon hamm, zach galifianakis.

PLAYING HOUSE. A new tv show on the USA network, created by, produced by, written by, and staring real life best friends jessica st. clair and lennon parham. sisters, by the way, have you heard? are doing it for themselves! my love for these ladies runs real deep.

THIS song. The video is also fantastic. SHE IS ELEVEN.

not only am I obsessed with this, I gotta have it. poler stuff's new MOUNTABLE TENT. also, swing by their adventures page and look at all the pretty pretty pictures.

that's all folks.

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