thirty before thirty. //

excuse me what? THIRTY?! okay, I have two years so I am not freaking out quite yet. I am actually pretty okay with it, but to keep my mind occupied just in case, here is my list of thirty things I want to do before I turn ...thirty.

1. walk or bike across the golden gate bridge.
2. sky dive with my brother.
3. see the alabama shakes.
4. go to new york city.
5. get a picture in a travel magazine.
6. plant a vegetable garden.
7. see obama in person.
8. antelope canyon.
9. read 30 books.
10. attempt surfing.
11. participate in the color run.
12. buy an espresso machine.
13. get another tattoo.
14. swim in a lake.
15. see a show at a UCB theatre.
16. go to a psychic.
17. volunteer for a charity.
18. make photo books of all my trips.
19. watch every wes anderson movie.
20. go to an observatory at night.
21. have a picnic.
22. joshua tree national park.
23. drive a VW bus.
24. take my mom to ireland.
25. go to the phoenix art museum.
26. see a concert in the first row.
27. make a family home video for jessie & kari.
28. go through all of aunt kitty's photo slides.
29. completely grow my bangs out.
30. back to asia.

Going to write about each one as I check them off, and if you want to keep up, will be putting a link to a separate page over there ------> under pages, with links as I go and all that business.


Lauren said...

such a good list. can't wait to help check some of these off!

Danielle said...

The Color Run is happening in Nashville in October- so you could come see your sister (and me) and participate! Then we could have a picnic to celebrate. ;)

Sarah Lasker said...

umm, i think this will have to happen.