Twenty other things Amy Poehler and Tina Fey should be in charge of.

My two very best ladies are hosting those wonderfully sloppy Golden Globes tomorrow, and it is with no hesitation that I predict they will surpass the greatness of any host, of any award show, at any time, ever. Why stop there?! What else could they save? Here is a  list of things that would be approximately one thousand times better if Amy and Tina were in charge of them:

1. NBC programming decisions.
2. the number of times radio stations are allowed to play a Rihanna song in one hour.
3. GPS voice commands.
4. moderating all future presidential debates.
5. AT&T's service availability.
6. cruise ship entertainment.
7. college commencement speeches.
8. Middle Eastern peace treaty negotiations.
9. writing my match.com profile.
10. casting of the chicks on The Bachelor.
11. the music that plays when you are on hold.
12. dressing Christina Aguilera.
13. movie adaptations of books.
14. officiating wedding ceremonies.
15. Netflix recommendations.
16. church.
17. safety videos on airplanes.
18. raising Kim Kardashian's baby.
19. segway tours.
20. any and all of my life choices.


Anonymous said...

How are you single? Jesus....

Sarah Lasker said...

one of life's greatest mysteries.

Danielle said...

WHO IS ANONYMOUS?! Show yourself. haha

Sarah Lasker said...

haha, I may have figured it out. :)