Things I've Learned From Liz Lemon. //

Tonight, we will say goodbye to one of my favorite people in the entire world and I will inevitably slip into an even deeper depression than I have been in about this since the final season of 30 Rock started. (Why are you being such a wang about this NBC?! Whyyyyy?)

Like most slightly eccentric (okay, weird) girls in their 20s, I have fallen in love with Liz Lemon. Probably because she is basically Tina Fey, and we all know how much I love Tina Fey, but also because she bares a striking likeness to someone else. Her toddler-like eating habits and love of cheese? Her failed dating history and complete inability to tell when someone is flirting with her? Her idea of a perfect Saturday night of being in your pajamas and watching your best friend TV? Me. Me. And oh yeah, ...me.

What I appreciate the most about Tina Fey's portrayal and creation of Liz, is that she kept her so incredibly flawed, making her in turn, incredibly relatable. I think there was at least one moment in each episode where I sat back, sighed with relief, and thought, "ah good, somebody else!". She gives me hope for future female characters on TV amongst those evil Kardashian overlords.

So, in honor of seven hilarious years, sit back and grab some food to eat your feelings with, I give you my ode to the greatness that is Elizabeth Lemon.

1. how to perform the perfect eye-roll sequence.
2. night cheese is a thing. it should always be a thing.
3. it is physically impossible to change a water dispenser bottle alone.
4. lizzing & the religion of lizbianism.
5. reasonable hooker fees = $500 for kissing, $10,000 for snuggling. end of list.
6. nothing is more important than clearing your DVR when it is 98% full.
7. being a big weirdo is okay.
8. peeing into jars is not.
9. it is perfectly acceptable to use a candle as deodorant in dire situations.
10. how to properly shotgun a pizza.
11. and how to make cheesy blasters.
12. all Tinas are real judgmental bitches.
13. always put potato chips on a sandwich.
14. do not date a guy that still wears a beeper.
15. do date one (and marry one!) who won't care if you dress up as princess leia at your wedding.
16. your bra is falling apart? tape it!
17. how to speak Lemon.
18. in recipes, always substitute water with cheddar cheese.
19. it's okay to pee in the shower if you're really tired.
20. the stride of pride is the new walk of shame.
21. dummy is a term of endearment.
22. there ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party.
23. do not get drunk if there are too many phones in the room.
24. put your fanny pack in the freezer for chilled tampons.
25. you really can have it all.

god damn I'm going to miss this show.

(also. someone said how I feel much better than I did ----> here.)


Katrina said...

Hilarious. I will miss that show too! :(

Lauren said...

uh, love this.