Italy bucket-list.

In t-minus 45 hours I will be in a self-induced benadryl coma, headed towards the people that INVENTED PIZZA. I love them already.

1. climb to the top of the Duomo in Florence.
2. feed the pigeons at Piazza San Marco.
3. sneak a picture of the Creation Of Adam.
4. throw a coin into the Trevi fountain.
5. wine, pizza, gelato. repeat.
6. colosseum.
7. kiss a cute, non english speaking, Italian boy.
8. picture in picture @ Pisa Tower.
9. Vatican City/St. Peter's Basilica.
10. see Emanuele & Costanza.
11. kick a soccer ball with a kid in the street.
12. St. Mark's Basilica in Venice.
13. learn at least one Italian phrase.
14. sit on a vespa.
15. try tripe.
16. ferry down the Grand Canal.
17. Spanish Steps.
18. see Michelangelo's David.
19. photo bomb tourists at the leaning tower.


capturethefeeling said...

Glad to see you're still here, I miss your posts!!!! Enjoy your vacation, can't wait to see the photos & videos :))

Sarah Lasker said...

thanks :) I know, I've been quiet lately. Gonna get back at it once I'm home.

Danielle said...

I hope 7 happens the most. And more than one time. ;)