Within the last year, I've been increasingly obsessed with thrift shopping. It's funny because, as kids, my siblings and I were constantly dragged from antique store to antique store by my mom and grandma Bobbie and we haaaated it. We whined and complained until they finally gave in and let us leave for what I'm sure we thought were more fun adventures. Now, as I've gotten older, I've realized and embraced this love for old and used things gene that I've most definitely inherited.

Since I make the rounds of all the surrounding Goodwills and Savers pretty frequently, I thought I would post pictures of all my goods. :)

This week I found this shirt, just in time for Olympics ($3.99):

I plan on making a lot of homemade lemonade this summer, and it's going to be really cute in this (1.99):

I always end up with at least one really good book every time I go, got these two last week (2.99 and 1.99):
This awesome shirt to sleep in (3.99):
I couldn't resist and bought these for the nugget to wear on sleepovers at Aunt Sarah's house in a few years :) (2.99):

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