A list of five live performances I wish I could have been at.

Oh to have seen:

Pearl Jam. This Eddie Vedder. Pink Pop Festival. 1992. Alive.

Coldplay. Confetti. 2009. Tokyo. Lovers In Japan.

Led Zepplin. Jimmy Page's solos killlll me. Kill me. 1975. Over The Hills and Far Away.

Bonnie Raitt. That is all. Top Of The Pops. 1976. Love Me Like A Man.

Kelly Clarkson w/Jeff Beck. Perfection. Her voice. His playing. The song. 2007. Up On The Mountain.

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Coccinella said...

Led Zeppelin <3 I wish I could see Pearl Jam and Coldplay too, but Led Zeppelin is a band I'd love to see live and I'd pay lots of money to be at that concert. Ah, I sometimes wish I could live in 70's or 80's to listen music then and see all these concerts... :) :)