I'm going to Vietnam next week...

I know I haven't posted too much about it since we initially decided that that's where we would be headed to for the 2011 trip. I don't know if you'll believe this then, ....we are TEN days away from leaving. Ten. Like, you can literally count it on your fingers without repeating any!

Right? It creeped up on me too. (Is creeped not a word? My computer is telling me it's not a word.) Which is a good thing! I'm very impatient. I'm not very good at waiting for things. I recommend taking many small trips when waiting for a big trip to happen. It helps time speed up apparently because, one day I was freaking out that I still didn't even have a visa. OR A PASSPORT (curse you UPS) ...and now we are leaving next week, thankfully with all documentation accounted for.

We also finally figured out our itinerary! Here is what day one and day two (kind of. don't get me started on trying to figure out this time difference, going back into the past, but then really going into the future business) will consist of:

I was thinking about throwing back three benadryl with some vodka and calling it a night, but apparently there is quite a bit of in-flight entertainment that I may want to be awake for including: magic shows, face painting, balloon animals, and massages. I think I'm going to love Asia very much.

Days 3-16:

We are flying into Ho Chi Minh City and meandering around for a few days, heading to the Mekong Delta for one night (hopefully staying in a homestay aka: a local's house!!!!), back to Ho Chi Minh for half a day and then will be getting on a plane and flying to Da Nang. Four days on the coast going to the beaches, Hoi An, and possibly Hue. Then taking a 16 hour sleeper train (!!!!!) to Hanoi. One day there, then bussing it to Halong Bay and doing a two night junk boat tour (contrary to my expert drawing, I don't think we'll be quite that close to China...haha) and then last two days back in Hanoi.

Our way back is the exact opposite of the way we came, minus flying out of Hanoi and adding on a 12 hour layover in Seoul where, hopefully we will be able to leave the airport and see a little of South Korea. 

My Vietnam Bucket-List is almost complete (trying dog meat may or may not be on it...) and am getting SOO excited. :)

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abbie said...

Have a blast! I'm excited to see the post when you get back!!