Nobody comes to Phoenix anymore, so we just see shows in other states instead. :)

1. 700pm-730am: work. 8am: drive to jessie's. change. 8:30am: drive to vegas. :)
2. errr...make jessie drive to vegas.
3. praying to red bull fairy that I can stay awake.
4. win: $0. always.
5. mad at losing or punching random lady?
6. cool starbucks art.
7. cheers!
8. ....to a pitcher of $10 margaritas!
9. avetts!
10. three words that became hard to say.
11. iphone video.
12/13/14. happyhappyjoyjoy.
15. a picture I did not steal off andrew's facebook because we didn't take a single picture all together?!?!
16. strip!
17. someday, the real one.
18. good job jessie.
19. canoe art (!!!!)
20. most comfortable bed of all time.
21. peeping.
22. "are you afraid of heights?!"
23. nope.
24. big winner?
25/26. not winning so I might as well keep drinking.
27. wherever there's a mirror...
28. obligatory feet picture.
29. didn't see one elvis impersonator! :`(
30. monorail.
31. chevron wall. love.
32. driving down the blvd.
33. back of the bus.
34. BEAN adventures! 
35. again. someday the real one.
36. wanted one as tall as me. settled for this before I died of heat stroke.
37. bridge.
38/39. leaving las vegas.

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Danielle said...

The Avett Brothers are coming to Nashville. Bridgestone Arena. October 28th. Maybe you should come? ;)