26 things I want to do while I'm 26.

I can't believe it but, 25 while 25 is officially over! And that means....a new list :)
1. Float in a hot air balloon.
2. Go off the beaten path.
3. Read 26 books.
4. Tattoo #3
5. Get another stamp in my passport.
6. 5d Mark ii
7. Ride a horse.
8. See Kathy Griffin live.
9. Get a kiss on New Years Eve.
10. Learn more Spanish. Hola!
11. Visit Broadway in Nashville.
12. Buy a telescope.
13. See a blues band play in New Orleans.
14. Get a picture in a magazine.
15. Knit a blanket.
16. Spontaneous day trip to the California.
17. Make a photowall.
18. Yoga.
19. Send a message in a bottle.
20. Start a tour poster collection.
21. Beat Kari in Words With Friends.
22. Learn to cook one really good dish.
23. Leave random notes of encouragement in random public places.
24. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
25. Be in two places at once.
26. Stalk Black Carl until they make me their official photographer.

Sadly I didn't cross off everything on the list from last year, but I will still work on those this year:
-go fishing
-go to the Grand Canyon
-make homemade lemonade
-go ice skating
-jump out of a plane
-pay for the person's coffee behind me at Starbucks.
I love the idea of having a bucket list. A list of things you want to do before you die. I also like projects and am always looking for something to keep me busy. So, when I came across this idea of making a list, not just one long list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket, but a new one - every year - starting on your birthday, I thought: yep, this is for me.  You take the age you will be turning, and you make a list of that many things that you want to hopefully complete before your next birthday.

Things I like about this:
1. It gives you a deadline. Deadlines are good for me. I'm stubborn and I don't like failing. :) It gives me more motivation. A lifetime is too long to wait to do the things you want to do anyway.

2. Not everything on the list has to be a huge, life changing thing. Do I want to ride an elephant in India before I die? UH YEAH! Is it going to happen this year? Probably not. But, it's okay because I have 26, and 27, and 28...

3. And really, who even knows when we are going to kick the bucket anyway? Not me. And, especially being a nurse, I've realized - sometimes, it's a lot earlier than you think.
So, this year for me is a mixture. Some big things I've never done but always wanted to do, and some are things I've done before that I loved but it's been a LONG time and I want to do again.
And no project of mine would be complete without also being a photography project, so...pictures will absolutely be included :)

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