Life has no limit, if you're not afraid to get in it.

Yesterday I woke up
and I wanted to drive.
Drive and listen to music.
So I got some gas and a coke
...and that's what I did.

I ended up at my favorite little lake.
I wanted to spend the day
sticking my feet in some water,
laying in the sun,
and pretending it was summer.

I got there and was really excited to find that
Wednesdays are free
and there was snow!!

Although I found out the hard way
that Toms are not water resistant
I couldn't help but walk around in it,
run my fingers through it,
and happily cross off number four on my 25 list.

On the way home
I parked at a scenic overlook,
sat on a ledge,
and watched the sun slip down
over mountains that never ended
while Pandora sent me a sign
in the form of a song from Mason Jennings
called, "If You Ain't Got Love"
and it was perfect.

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