Artists I love: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Sometimes at night when I can't sleep, which ...is a lot, let's be honest, I like to go through the iTunes store and find new music. 

{The way I do this is, if you click on any album from an artist you like and scroll down, there will be a little section titled "Listeners Also Bought" and it will give you a list of about 8 albums that are similar to the album that you clicked. I go through those albums and listen. Caution: have a few hours free before you start.}

Back in July I was apparently spending a night doing this and was somehow led to Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. ..Um, I love her? I love them? I do. Love. Her voice is raspy, and edgy, and just ...raw. I feel like she must leave a show with the worst sore throat ever. But she doesn't. Because that is just her voice. And it's amazing. I love that she can rock out and then take it down and sit and play a song at the piano. She is the real deal. And The Nocturnals can play, that is for sure. (Not to mention their hair is amazing.) I don't know where they have been all my life, but I'm glad I stumbled across them that night. They remind of what rock bands were probably like (sound and image wise) back in the 70's. And, they also reinforce the fact that I was no doubt born in the wrong decade... Take a listen:

Paris (Ooh, La, La): 

Apologies. Even without all the sparkles she is amazing. 

Treat Me Right:

Only Love

ALSO. Just bought tickets (for sixteen dollars... what?!) to see them in Scottsdale in Febrary!! :) SO EXCITED. 

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Danielle said...

I FINALLY got their album on iTunes Saturday! I have had "Paris" stuck in my head for weeks now, and finally caved and bought the whole album. I LOVE IT. They're coming here in Feb too, and I am SO going. I can't wait, really...

I first heard of them (her) from One Tree Hill.. she was on it 2 seasons ago! haha