Artists I love: MUMFORD & SONS.

This is how I feel about Mumford & Sons' "Sigh No More" album: 
“Records are experiences. Things to submerge into. Because then… they save you. Like connecting to the right person, just when you are needing them the most.” -Matt Nathanson
The last several months I've been somewhat blah about all the new music coming out, which makes me really really sad. I hardly listen to the radio, but when I do I usually think to myself, "really?!?" Keisha (I refuse to use the $) and Katy Perry? I know I'm probably in the minor here but, I wish they'd go away and never come back. :)

And then I discovered Mumford & Sons and I. Love. Them. I don't have the musical vocabulary to describe them, but I do know that listening to them makes me so happy. And really, isn't that all that matters? Put beautiful lyrics, a delicious folk sound, and a banjo together and I'm DONE. It's so cheesy and cliche but, they make me have hope. Hope that if there are people in the world who can make music this amazing then there has to be good out there. 

I'd fail terribly in trying to describe this song, so just listen. It's magic.

And another:

The entire album is perfection and it's all I've been listening to lately. On repeat. Over and over. 

And then, to top it off this happens:

Minute 3:00 on give me the chills every single time. It's just so damn good I can't stand it.

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